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If you managed to make it through the whole video, you will now be needing a nap. I’m usually torn before sharing this type of video because I realize it could mean tourists could soon be crowding my happy place. I also realize, nothing is better than sharing a world some may never know. Share if you like but just know it kills a little piece of me everytime you do ; )

The Mustang V8 5 Liter touring the Wild Atlantic Way with none other than Chad McQueen (Steve’s son), behind the wheel and on the “right side of the car”. First ever in Europe.

Though cool and a sight to see, I’m uncertain if Ireland is ready for American muscle. I mean, what’s the enthusiast gonna do with all that power on the curvy Wild Atlantic Way roads? I suppose the N6 and M1 will now be a little windier.

Anybody rushing out to get one?


My wife, Susan, and I had the wonderful opportunity of strolling about one of Ireland’s 7 Wonders as well as acclaimed tourist attractions; alongside an extensive panorama view of the astounding Cliffs of Moher. We then proceeded to the nearby township and port of Doolin where we witnessed white capped waves crash against the surf creating 40-50 foot high sprays. After a refreshing stroll, we advanced on towards the limestone section of Ireland; also referred to as the “Burren” – where you will wonder about the klints and grikes all the while observing the radically unique flora and fauna that is solely native to this incredible ecosphere. Hidden within the Burren valley was Corcomroe Abbey which is said to have been built by Donal Mór Ua Briain, late in the 12th century. Topping it all off we visited the Hazel Mountain Chocolatier and witnessed their craft via their taste tour. This will be a must do excursion for any of you venturing to our neck of the woods.